1. A centrist, a member of a corporate supporting political faction such as the establishment Democratic party, an outgrowth of the Democratic Leadership Council. CorporaDEM.
2. Member of the Democratic political party purposely seeking corporate monetary support; one who impedes political progress and reform at the urging of wealthy interests.
3. Someone who claims to be a Democrat or Liberal in social principles, but acts against the greater good.
4. A supporter of corporate and/or Wall Street policies and practices and the billionaire class.
5. A DINO or ConservaDEM/Republicrat in states/localities having a prominent republican presence.

1. Moderate intelligence, unable to comprehend without monetary rewards, lacking reason or common sense.
2. Of, belonging to, or relating to the Democratic party.
3. One whose principles, actions, habits, etc. are easily susceptible to monetary manipulation.

selfish - greedy - egotistical - vain - rapacious - deceitful - predatory - extortionate - disingenuous

unselfish - sacrificing - honest - progressive - Democrat - trustworthy - ingenuous - thoughtful

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